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November 26, 2007



They're all really lovely Michele, although personally I have a weakness for hearts!!!

Pamela H.

Hello Michele,

These are cool ornaments. I like #3 best (in blue, burgandy, or green). It would be great for putting a photo of our newest family member in. Second I like the 12 Days of Chirstmas ornaments, 3rd, the sock monkey ornaments. I used to have a real sock monkey as a child.

Pamela H.


Hi Michele! I like the sock monkey ones best! They're so cute! My second choice would be the 12 days of Christmas ones - that's such a cool idea! They all look great! Thank you!


i am in love with the sock monkeys!! so, obviously, one of them would be my first choice, please ... choice #2 would be one of the beautiful hearts. you have made some beautiful and wonderful things ... i feel spoiled that i get one of them!!

michelle in halifax, ns


OOHHHH they are all really beautiful... I would be excited to get any of them. But I have to say, I have recently become obsessed with sock monkeys! :)

Nikki L in North Carolina


They are all wonderful. You have really outdone yourself. I love the monkeys...just because I have three big monkeys (my boys) running around my house at Christmas time. I also think the picture frame is so clever. I have a couple of frame ornaments that were given to me when the boys were little...but I think that I don't have one for my youngest. The hearts and the 12 days of Christmas are yummy too... You can surprise me. Thanks so much. Mattie

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