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December 03, 2007



Glad it got there OK - I know post from Canada to US and vice versa can take forever!!! Your packaging looks so cute...I really didn't make that much of an effort...can't wait to get yours!

Donna Cartagena

Hi Michele! I rec'd the 12 days of Christmas swap today and I adore the book you created!! Love it, Love it!!
I must ask (even though this may be a really silly question!!) wherever do you get the cool little cardboard boxes that you shipped the ornaments in (and that the 13 days of Halloween swap came in) . I think they are so awesome and would actually love to have some for my Artfest trades for next year.
Hope you don't mind sharing the info!

thanks again for the wonderful book-I will look through it many times!

happy holidays!

Michele (Green Chair Studio)


Thanks for your kind words. The boxes I use are from Uline ( They are "indestructo mailers" and come in pretty much every size you can imagine. They are great because you can paint them, rubber stamp, screenprint - whatever. The only drawback is that they are sold in bundles of 100. I've done a number of freelance invitation jobs where I've used these boxes so I didn't mind ordering a large quantity. They are shipped flat which is great if you are wanting to decorate them before putting them together. Here is a link for the specific boxes:

Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday!

Michelle Sanders

Oh Michele! I'm so glad you liked your ornament but I simply must know if you have any more of those sock monkey ornaments?! My dad collects monkeys and he would get a kick out of them. Do you have an etsy?

Michele (Green Chair Studio)

Michelle -
Sorry - I had just a couple ornaments left after the swap and I've used them for gifts. I do not currently have an etsy shop, although I hope to open one sometime in the coming year. I may very well revisit the sock monkey design and sell them next Christmas :)


Hi! Just wanted to say that I am the recipient of one of your ornaments in the Red Velvet swap. I just love the adorable photo frame. I add a photo frame ornament to our tree each year with a family photo and this is just perfect for it. Thanks a ton!!!

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